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Marcel Duperreault

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Marcel Duperreault is a multi award winning re-recording mixer / sound designer who specializes in animation.


Starting his career in the heyday of record production, Marcel has over 30 years of experience in surround mixing, sound design, prelay voice recording, music recording / mixing, and audio production for radio and TV advertising.


Todd Araki

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Todd Araki is an Emmy nominated re-recording mixer and SFX editor. 


Todd has been heavily involved in all aspects of audio post-production, and has posted countless hours of animation for TV and film.  Todd has been a part of the Dick & Roger's team for close to 30 years.

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Jason Frederickson

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Jason Fredrickson is an Emmy nominated SFX designer, foley artist, and sound editor with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

He started his career at CHQM radio, and after a few years moved in to ADR, prelay voice recording, SFX design and foley.


Adam McGhie

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Adam McGhie is a recording engineer, and sound editor.  He began his career as an assistant at Hipposonic and Mushroom Studios in 2001.

In 2006, he was approached to teach recording at The Art Institute in Vancouver.  After a brief stint teaching, and 7 years in the music industry, he moved in to post-production and has called Dick & Roger's home ever since.


Andrew Downton

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Andrew Downton is a Juno winning mastering and recording engineer, and owner of Railtown Mastering.

He works as a recording engineer for the Vancouver Film Orchestra, and as a dialogue editor for Dick & Roger's Sound Studio.

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